The Dry Throat!

Do you regularly suffer from a dry throat?

Having a dry throat could be down to a number of factors including your food/drink intake. But did you know that your work and living environment could also play a major part in you having a dry throat?
Dusty and dry environments can affect the mucus membranes’ lining in the vocal tract. This could potentially result in the throat and vocal cords becoming dry, swollen and inflamed.

Here a few things you can do to help tackle that dry throat:

·         Use A Humidifier – when a dry throat is caused due to living in a dry environment, the best solution is to use a room humidifier in your bedroom while sleeping at night.
·         Stay Hydrated – staying hydrated is also a good way to tackle the problem of a dry throat as water lubricates and moisturises the dry air passages and vocal folds.
·         Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol - avoid (where possible) beverages that can cause dehydration. Beverages that pull water out of your system may not help you in your battle against a dry throat!
·         Avoid Irritants – irritants such as spicy foods, smoky environments pollutants and chemical fumes should also be avoided as these could further aggravate the condition.

Hope this helps!